Peter Vestergaard

Interview - Peter Vestergaard, Jutland - Denmark

In the 70s Tange Frilandsgartneri bought their first Asa-Lift machines for the family’s 12 hectares of carrots. The model was built for 500 kilo wooden boxes.

Tange Frilandsgartneri is attractively situated in Tange, Denmark, near the charming Tange Lake. Since 1955 they have produced carrots, and today the range counts carrots, parsnips, parsley root, Jerusalem artichokes and beetroot.

As prices of manual labour rose, and it got harder to harvest by hand, they bought their first Asa-Lift carrot harvester in 1970! At this time Asa-Lift was the only known alternative to manual carrot harvest on the DK market.

Today they grow on 1300 hectares of land, of which 675 are vegetables. As one of the first organic carrot growers in Scandinavia, the nursery produces crops counting: Rye, oats, barley, peas, clover, and root crops like carrots, parsnips, parsley roots, beetroot, Jerusalem artichokes all of which are produced both organic and conventionally.

Tange frilandsgartneri supplies fresh conventional and organic root crops to food retailers and exports to some of the neighboring countries.

The current owner; Klaus Vestergaard is 3rd generation on the nursery, and the 4th generation is ready to take over in due time.

Tange Frilandsgartneri is situated in the middle of Jutland, and the cultivation area is spread around 50 kilometers around the nursery. This means that there will be a lot of road transport, which means that there are huge demands to mobility of the machinery. Another challenge is the harsh weather and soil conditions of northern Europe.

The Fleet
The Field Department consists of about 10 danish affiliated employees. The grain cultivation department and other traditional agriculture is outsourced to sub contractors.
The fleet consists of
• 13 units Valtra tractors - 150 – 200 hk.
• Asa-lift  TRS 1700
• Asa-lift TRS 1500
• Asa-lift 2 row toplifters with elevator
• Asa-lift 2 row toplifter with tank
• Asa-lift 2 row bundling machine
And further...
• 2 units 12 row monosem sowing machines
• 2 units larrington Straw Spreader
• 3 units grimme destoners

On top of the fleet there are a great deal of specialized equipment for raising root crops and mechanical weed control. As well as modern washing and packaging facilities for root crops.

The machine was sold by Jørgen Sørensen, 2nd generation Asa-Lift owner and later started up by Kaj Jørgensen (some will recognize Kaj as Tom Jørgensens father) who took care of the machines for more than 25 years.

Today almost all service and maintainance is handled by the nursery’s own team.

It is very important to Klaus and Peter Vestergaard that the root crop harvesters are easy to service with standard components, and handles the crop very gently.

”The product has been developed through many years and contains a lot of great subtleties.” Says next generation nursery owner Peter Vestergaard, who is responsible for the machine fleet and continues:  “An Asa-Lift machine is charactized by its great adaptability to the harsh weather and soil conditions of northern Europe.”

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