Asa-Lift in Carrot Country

Above: Patrykus Farms has one of the largest carrot harvesting machines in the USA. Harvesting 2 beds of 3 rows at the time. The machine performs successfully since 2011.

Specially Made for the USA

The Asa-Lift harvesting
machines are built especially for the North American market. Asa-Lift has supplied
harvesters to many of the biggest carrot growers in United States & Canada.
Whether it is share lifting or top lifting, Asa-Lift is considered the industry
leader in carrot harvesting.

User Friendly Controls

The Asa-Bus system provides an easy access to control all moving parts of the
machines from the cabin, in a very user-friendly manner. The trailer driver can
be equipped with a remote control for the boom, which enables him to control
the boom from the trailer (tractor or truck). This enables the harvester pilot
to concentrate on the harvesting, and gives a more accurate filling of boxes or

Service and Spare Parts

Asa-Lift offers full range of service and spare parts in the United States
& Canada. Asa-Lift spare parts are distributed by Paul Miller Farms in

Flexible Harvesting

Asa-Lift harvesters
are especially flexible for harvesting a wide range of root crops. The roller
bars on the top lifters, can gently harvest carrots, beet roots and parsnips,
on the same set-up. This saves the growers a lot of time and extra machines.

Gentle on Crop

The Asa-Lift harvesters are very flexible, but also very gentle on crops. The harvest of parsnips is extremely demanding on the topping, cleaning and transport of the crop. Asa-Lift machines lives up to this demand in every aspect.

Dirt Removal & Cleaning

The high quality carrot harvesters are all ways looking for more effective ways
of removing dirt. Latest in the newest version of the TRS bed lifter; the TRS
II, which has a very long boom, with 2 gentle drops, and manual or hydraulic
shakers, probably gives the best dirt removal in the industry.


* More dirt removal – longer transport of the crop, to provide a gentle and effective dirt removal.
* Offering full range of parts and services in United States & Canada
* User friendly control with the Asa-Bus system Asa-Lift
* Machines working successfully with very large growers in the USA.
* Asa-Lift machines are designed for high volume operations – 
* One of the machines in California, harvesting carrots for industry, will fill a trailer in 4-5 minutes. 
* Works in all soil types
* Share lifting and top lifting
* Harvests a wide range of crops
* Handles fragile root types such as parsnips
* Low drop and smooth crop flow path for preserving quality of delicate varieties. 
* Very effective and gentle cleaning
* Optimal for every-day-harvesting
* Capable of working under extreme weather and soil conditions
* Minimumdamage to soil
* Remote control for trailer driver to control boom