lEEK HARvesters

STRONG, ROBUST AND FAST - The leek harvesters from ASA-LIFT are an unavoidable machine for modern garlic- and leek- production.

Asa-Lift is known for the fast harvest, and gentle handling of leek, which ensures a fast return on your investment.

Asa-Lift is a machine made for creating value for the owner. Therefore Asa-Lift has strong emphasis on durability, gentle handling and effective machines. This emphasis makes us the prefered choice of machine no matter if our customers needs a manual PO-335 which is our 3 point hitched machine, or the self propelled harvester SP-series, which will effectively harvest enormous quantities of leek without having to stop and start for the logistics.

Asa-Lift offers the biggest selection of optional equipment for the harvesters in the world, so that we can best possibly optimize  the harvesting machines for every customer. Based on the experience from all over the world, Asa-Lift is able to equip a machine for every given condition. To ensure the best possible solution to your requirements, we recommend that you contact your Asa-Lift dealer or Asa-Lift Direct:

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